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This 3-day course is designed to provide an insight into the rapid development now occurring in design and construction of FLNG facilities.  It covers technical and operational aspects involved in establishing an FLNG facility and reviews recent developments, FLNG project status and certification requirements.  As an introduction, the course briefly reviews the LNG chain, development and status of LNG trade and the advantages of relocating liquefaction and regasification facilities offshore.  It describes liquefaction, regasification, storage and transfer technologies and major equipment, and provides insights into the unique design and operational challenges of producing LNG offshore.

Benefits Of Attending

  • Gain an insight into the development and background of the LNG industry and the role of FLNG in the overall LNG supply chain
  • Understand the physical properties of LNG and typical specifications for production and trading
  • Examine the technical components required to establish a FLNG operational system including gas treating, liquefaction,                       storage, transfer, offloading
  • Describe FLNG technologies, processes and equipment
  • Discuss the advantages and challenges of an FLNG facility compared with onshore LNG
  • Determine equipment considerations for FLNG
  • Review the development of floating LNG regasification and contributions to FLNG technology development
  • Identify FLNG certification requirements and the role of classification societies in FLNG projects
  • Review design and operational challenges involved in producing LNG offshore
  • Appreciate risks to personnel and equipment on an FLNG facility and the safety issues which must be addressed in design and operation
  • Appreciate safety and integration aspects of LNG production on a floating facility
  • Identify the current status of projects/developments around the world
  • Gain insight into the economics of FLNG in relation to other links in the LNG supply chain

Who Should Attend

This course will be of interest to engineers involved in the design, construction and operation of FLNG facilities as well as commercial and management staff seeking an overview.

It is suitable for engineers new to FLNG and those seeking to work in the FLNG sector, as well as operational, maintenance, technical and administrative staff, legal and finance personnel.

It will also be beneficial to specialists needing to gain a broader understanding of the FLNG sector.

Prior knowledge of LNG processes and facilities would be useful but not essential – the course will briefly review LNG processing before focussing on FLNG aspects.


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