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HR Analytics For Human Resource Professionals

8th March 2022 - 9th March 2022

Key Learning Objectives

  • Why Big Data and analytics are critical to the future of HR
  • What data science is and how it is applied to HR
  • What artificial intelligence is and what such terms as machine learning and algorithms mean
  • How you can create better metrics to showcase the value of HR
  • What the trends are that are reshaping our profession
  • Have a broad understanding of artificial intelligence and data analytics
  • Be able to explain what terms such as big data, machine learning, algorithm mean
  • Learn how to create more meaningful metrics
  • Learn how to show the real value of HR to leadership
  • Be able to share the emerging trends in analytics as applied to HR

Who Should Attend

If you are a human resources leader at any level or of any HR function, you should attend this course. It will help anyone who wishes to better understand how big data, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and algorithms are profoundly changing human resources.

  • Vice Presidents of HR
  • Directors of any functional HR area
  • HR managers
  • HR generalists
  • Anyone aspiring to become better at using data to make decisions in HR

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