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LNG Terminal Operations training

Why Choose this Training Course

This intensive LNG Terminal Operations training course will equip you with a detailed practical grounding in advanced LNG terminal and operations.

Theory based and delivered in a practical method, including factual case studies from around the globe and in a workshop format, you will learn the practical tools and techniques that can be utilised to manage commercial and operational risks more effectively and make better practical investment decisions.

LNG Trade has gained immense traction in the recent past. With the LNG terminal business projected to be in full throttle in the next years, the need to understand the ins and outs, including the commercial and technical risks in end to end LNG Terminals, Terminal Operations and Ship/Truck and Land based LNG cargo operations, is a must for all players that are involved or looking to be involved in LNG operations.

This LNG Terminal Operations training course covers the technical aspects and practical commercial considerations in LNG Terminals and terminal operations and cargo operations from (voyage planning and cargo management) through LNG transportation contracts, terminal operations, tanker loading and discharge procedures, and LNG custody transfer measurement and calculations. Learn more about the LNG Terminal and shipping industry and be equipped as you aim to stay ahead and get ahead in this niche shipping business.

Who Should Attend

This LNG Terminal Operations training course is designed for anyone with immediate responsibility for LNG Terminals and Operations including; Safety Officers, Superintendants, Terminal Loading personnel, crew and terminal operators involved in discharging LNG, Technical staff involved in custody transfer or handling oil or gas cargoes; especially oil and gas operators, terminals, vessel owners and operators, POAC and Insurance Marine surveyors. Attendees include:

  • LNG suppliers, traders and distributors
  • Ship owners and operators
  • Superintendents and safety officers
  • Technical and operations executives
  • Charterers and traders
  • Ship brokers
  • Port and terminal operators
  • P&I club and marine insurance
  • Ship Owners and Managers
  • Offshore Vessel and FPSO Owners and Operators
  • Oil Majors, NOCs and Independents
  • Ship Superintendents and Safety Officers
  • Ship Officers and Crews (Master, Chief Officers, Chief Engineers etc)
  • Loading and Mooring Masters
  • STS Service Providers
  • Liquid Cargo and Bunker Surveyors
  • Ports and Terminal Operators
  • P&I Inspectors and Executives
  • LNG FSU Owners, Managers, Operators

Key Learning Objectives

  • Improve your LNG terminal handling, loading and discharging of bulk liquids
  • Learn about LNG SIMOPS and LNG international guidelines and regulations concerning tankers and terminals including the science of LNG, new technologies, properties and types of cargoes transfers now available
  • Understand the techniques used globally regarding LNG Quality & Quantity
  • Become familiar with state of the art LNG loading and discharge operations and equipment

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