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Logistic Supply Chain Partnerships Planning for the Future

5th September 2022 - 8th September 2022

Why Choose this Training Course

This is a 4-day training course. With disruption in global supply chains this course is essential for you to understand the solutions available for your business needs. Logistics management is an embedded process that provides agility to meet the demands of a dynamic supply market. Managing stock activities in this way ensures that your resources are focused where they will achieve the greatest benefit.

Continuous evolution is the norm today. Whether facing technology and digital disruptors, changes in workforce skillsets or the transformation of operating models, supply chain executives can be certain: the ways of the past century will not position you as a leader in this century.

So what does it take to be a 21st century supply chain amidst these changes?

Future-ready supply chains are customer-centric, can operate in the ever-changing digital world with agility and do so profitably in order to be a revenue driver for the business.

This course will help you address the following issues to minimize expenses and risk, enhance returns on investment, drive operational efficiencies and boost your brand with customers.

Who Should Attend

With world events causing unprecedented disruption  supply chains are gaining in relevance and importance as a critical business approach. This training provides leading organisations across business sectors to gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Supply Chain and logistics management provides deep analysis to understand how goods can be controlled and managed. “Control the goods and you control the costs.” This course will enable you to know how you can deliver better value, and the tools and techniques to optimise strategy in your organisation.

  • Production and Inventory Managers
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Logistics Management and Transportation Technology
  • Purchasing, Procurement, Buyers and Contract Managers
  • Materials management
  • Warehousing and Inventory Managers

Key Learning Objectives

Logistics Service Providers are outsourced entities specialized in managing a company’s warehousing, distribution and transportation of freight

Third-party logistics, often abbreviated as 3PL refers to an organisation’s   outsourced logistics operations.

Logistics providers are specialists in warehousing, transportation, software systems and other relevant services that can be scaled and customised according to the customers’ requirements, that  meet the demands for their products and services. In this course we will explain the definition & difference between 3PL , 4Pl , 5P and 6PL

However with the post-covid supply chain crisis, logistics is becoming increasingly complex, with more parties directly or indirectly involved in complexities related to communication, end-to-end visibility, improving reliability of delivery schedules, reduce lead time, improve services level, and drive more value not just cost. This is where the Future of Logistics Technologies come into play which we will also cover in this course.

  • Learn an optimal methodology to consistently store and move goods
  • Manage cost, risk and quality throughout the supply chain
  • Understand and apply best practice techniques
  • Gain skills and tools for mastering warehousing and storage
  • Become more strategic in your thinking
  • Select and manage third parties that deliver benefits

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