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New HR Strategies in a Tough Environment

10th April 2017


A recent Harvard Business Review had on its cover “Is it time to Blow Up HR”. In the journal it indicated many organizations are questioning the value that HR is contributing to their organizations. It seems that most of these questionable HR organizations spend their time in administrative and compliance related activities or in out dated HR practices from decades past. The research is clear that if HR is going to be part of the C Suite 3 of the future (CEO, CFO and CHRO) then it needs to bring a particular set of capabilities and value to the table. CEO’s know that Businesses don’t create value; people do. In order for Human Resources Leaders to be a player at the table creating value to the C Suite 3 and the organization it needs to understand that organizations are in the age of disruption. The law of the 21st Century is to disrupt or be disrupted. To add value at the table it needs to be able to:

(1) Set the people agenda – like any other function, HR must show why the issues it addresses matter to the business and that it has sensible ways to manage them.

(2) Focus on here and now – it needs to focus on issues that are here and now for the business, not get bogged down in administrative tasks or be in a position that they don’t understand the business and its potential to be disrupted or to disrupt its industry.

(3) Practices on Outcomes – HR needs not only a deep understanding of the work place issues but more importantly it needs to bring first rate analytics to help their organizations make sense of their employee data and get the most out of their  human capital. They need to be able to predict outcomes and performance of their organizations based on their knowledge of culture and human capital and its fit with the work of the organization.

(4) Diagnosing Problems – HR needs to be in a position to pinpoint precisely why an organization might not be performing well or meeting its goals and how the age of disruption is being played out in its organization.

(5) Prescribing actions to add value – HR needs to be prepared to recommend actions that will unlock or create value through the reallocation of human capital or redesigning and aligning the organizations structures and systems in the organization. In the age of disruption it needs to understand the shockwaves and the four reinvention enablers.

(6) Highlight beneficial benefit– HR needs to move from being seen as a cost center by the business where the goal is always cut,cut, cut . Being able to quantify costs and benefits (ROI) turns talent and organizational design choices into decisions.

New HR Strategies in Tough Times provides frameworks and tools for HR professionals in build and or increase capabilities in these six critical areas detailed above . These capabilities are beneficial in HR in all industries . A phrase coined many years ago states that organizations are perfectly designed to get the results that they get. Therefore challenging times in the age of disruption call for new thinking. If you could choose one workshop that would make a significant difference in positioning your HR organization to create greater value for your organization this is that workshop.

Who Should Attend

Job title of relevant Organisational Leaders in HR and their business partners that can benefit from attending your class:

  • Leaders charged with the responsibility for HR including human capital strategies to create a competitive advantage for their organization.
  • In HR these are generally your CHRO CPO VP of HR, CLO (Chief CKO L&OD (Learning & Organization Development), VPs, Directors, Managers and professionals.
  • Ideally organizational leaders would accompany their HR leaders and their titles might range from CEO, CFO, COO, CIO,CTO, VP, Managing Directors, Directors, Managers and Team leaders.

Key Learning Objectives

9 bullet points on what participants can learn from the New HR Strategies in Tough Times:

  • They will learn about the shockwaves that cause disruptions in businesses environments and the blindfolds that cause leaders to be unaware of what is happening around them. They will learn that the law of the 21st century is to disrupt or be disrupted and what are the reinvention enablers that HR leaders can use to navigate this white water.
  • They will learn that “organizations are perfectly designed to get the results that they get” and how to use the Organizational Systems Design (OSD) model to help them diagnose people problems in their organizations and prescribe actions to unlock and create value.
  • They will learn how to identify and categorize the organization’s business processes in order to create a differentiation strategy that will create unique value for their organization.
  • They will learn how to identify and develop high performance teams for their organization that can create a competitive advantage for them.
  • They will learn how to identify and develop a “leadership” brand for their organization that can create a competitive advantage for them.
  • Knowledge has become a direct competitive advantage for most organizations. They will learn how to obtain the most beneficial use of employees’ knowledge and abilities and create a competitive advantage.
  • They will learn the principles and tools for capturing the hearts and minds of their human capital to enhance their engagement.
  • They will learn methodologies on how to predict outcomes and highlight financial benefits as a way to  add value to their organizations.


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10th April 2017
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