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Petroleum Engineering For Non-Petroleum Engineers

7th November 2022 - 10th November 2022

petroleum engineering training

Why Choose this Training Course

This petroleum engineering training course is designed to introduce the basic knowledge of Petroleum Engineering to non- Petroleum Engineering professionals in various disciplines of the industry assets to enhance communication amongst the asset team members.

The petroleum engineering training also provides a thorough overview of most key aspects of Petroleum Engineering and its applications and addresses engineering issues ranging from initial involvement at the exploration stage to production optimization challenges. The training sessions will focus on relevant and practical issues and include combination of classroom exercises, basic engineering problems, group discussions and quizzes for full comprehension of the Petroleum Engineering topics relevant to all functions being carried out and within the area of responsibility including the functional design and construction of the wells and completion operations to create a producing well.

Who Should Attend

  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Service Companies Specialists (Cementing Logging, Drilling Fluids, Mud Logging, Surface Facilities).
  • Project Support Staff (HSE, supply, Materials, Logistic, Finance, etc.)
  • Drilling Company and Drilling Contractor Staff
  • Business Development Managers
  • Field Service
  • Technologists
  • Facilities and process Engineers
  • Team Leaders/Managers involved in oil industry
  • Non-Technical staff involved in oil industry
  • Newly hired staff
  • Any other professionals working closely to Petroleum Engineering Departments and require general understanding of PE processes and operations.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the Petroleum Engineering concept
  • Gain an insight into how Petroleum Engineering fits within the complex Oil & Gas value chain
  • Appreciate the integrated activities of Petroleum Engineering
  • Understand the basics of Field Development Planning
  • Appreciate the role and importance of Petroleum Engineering in well design, production performance analysis and production forecasting and production optimization as well
  • Introduce the basic knowledge of Petroleum Engineering to other disciplines of the asset in order to improve communication across the asset team members
  • Develop awareness of the multiple aspects of drilling operations & technical issues encountered during drilling operations
  • Understand the basic concept of the reservoir engineering, production techniques and recovery methodologies
  • Understand the concept and the impact of the subsurface and surface facilities on each other during the design stage
  • Gain an improved knowledge about oil & gas production, surface processing units
  • Understand the concept of the industry sectors
  • Gain sufficient knowledge about health, safety and environmental issues
  • Understand the role of petroleum economics in evaluating field development

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