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Africa basin analysis training

Why Choose this Training Course

This Africa basin analysis training course are set at a moderate scientific level suitable for young geologists working on these regions. It is targeted at more advanced staff working on the specific countries listed. The aim is to deliver the regional picture controlling African frontier opportunities so that staffs from the companies attending gain a head start in evaluating specific opportunities such as licence rounds and farmout. Secondly, the course will help companies focus on the opportunities most likely to succeed that are consistent with their own strategies and finances.

Who Should Attend

All disciplines that interact with geologists and geophysicists.

  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Exploration Managers

Key Learning Objectives

  • Participants will gain a regional overview of the main controls on the development of source, reservoir, trap and seal in deepwater areas around Africa.
  • This will include key controls exerted by the onshore tectonic history of the African continent, such as those controlled the development of ‘source to sink’ reservoir factories.
  • This will include a review of known and speculative source rock occurrences n deepwater settings, in addition to apparent relationships between source rock volumetrics, effective migration and seal in stratigraphic settings.
  • Specific basins specified by the client will be addressed in greater detail, namely Gabon, Congo, Senegal, Mauritania, Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Given recent disappointing well results in the region, participants will learn a methodology to identify, analyse and reduce risk in the most promising and effective petroleum system settings.
  • There will be particular emphasis on the thermal regime and how gas rather than oil opportunities can be identified.
  • Optional fourth and fifth days can, if the client wishes, be arranged to transfer, deliver and present the authors GIS database on the region and to extend the regions considered to the Eastern Mediterranean.

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