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Power Purchase Agreements

2nd December 2020 - 4th December 2020


The world is changing and the need for electricity continues to grow as power generation markets continue to evolve and demand continues (in many parts of the world) to outstrip available supply – although still a major source, the role of fossil fuels is beginning to diminish as focus starts to shift towards other alternative ‘cleaner’ forms of energy(renewables) such as wind; solar; tidal or hydro. As power generation infrastructure continues to grow through the investment of both governments and private organisations, the central enabling mechanism is the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This is the contract that enables entities such as utilities to contract with privately-owned power generation projects and to purchase electricity from them (Offtakers). Constructing power generation facilities and supporting infrastructure is an expensive business – hence the PPA will provide a modicum of certainty to principle participants as to the execution of the EPC contract, the repayment of the debt, the amount of resource provided and the longevity of supply. This course has been specifically tailored to explore this complex contractual area and to immerse delegates within a problem solving, open discussion forum experience in order to maximise take away added value and to gain knowledge and insights that are immediately valuable and useful.

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals seeking to understand the mechanics of a PPA
  • Commercial decision-makers
  • Legal departments
  • Contracts personnel
  • Project personnel

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the global energy market has and continues to evolve
  • Learn that Bankability is perhaps not as straight forward as it first appears
  • Know what some of the key generator issues are that must be considered
  • Become familiar with some of the key risk factors that underpin PPA’s
  • Grasp the technicalities of dealing with a default situation
  • Become aware of ‘Curtailment’ and what its ramifications are
  • Gain knowledge of the operation of assignment provisions
  • Grasp the key challenges involved with balancing an energy system
  • Understand the mechanics of LNG SPA’s
  • Become familiar with the concept of Force Majeure and understand why it is so very important to PPA’s
  • Acquire a working knowledge of dispute resolution mechanisms and the key elements of international commercial arbitration.

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