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Problem Solving and Decision Making Training

16th November 2022 - 17th November 2022

problem solving training

Why Choose this Training Course

This is a 2-days problem solving training course held in Kuala Lumpur. Today’s rapidly changing world means that more than ever we need, more than ever, to be able to confidently and competently make decisions and solve problems, skills for business and life that enable us to cope with our environment. This acclaimed four session workshop will provide insights and techniques for making that process a far easier, far more positive experience. You be introduced to world class, models tools and techniques and learn how these can be used in everyday life to help you to become an inventive yet logical and decisive problem solver and decision maker. By the end of the course you will not only have a newfound confidence in your abilities but also in being able to assist others avoid the all too familiar fear and challenge of problem solving and decision making.

A blend of delivery styles to ensure that all delegate learning patterns are catered for; oral, visual & kinesthetic. Course content will follow a format of: introduction of a topic, discussion of the topic to aid theoretical understanding and place the topic within the wider process context. Real world client examples and case studies will be utilized throughout, which will be combined with practical exercises wherever appropriate, leading to delegates having applied theory, discussion, and practice to the subject matters throughout the course.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for any professional who finds themselves having to solve problems and make decisions and yet feel that having a framework within to make better choices would help them and those around them. Operational, administrative, technical, financial, Engineering, Procurement, HR are all areas within business that have joined this short course to enable them to be clearer and more effective thinkers. The tools explored are not only applicable for all functions but all levels and roles in business and commerce, attendees have been department managers, directors, supervisors, project managers, engineers, team leaders, stakeholders and team members.

Key Learning Objectives

  • ABILITIES to make decisions
  • EFFECTIVENESS at leading the process of solution finding and change
  • Tool kit for PROBLEM-SOLVING and DECISION-MAKING by expanding it to include a wide range of familiar tools, techniques, methodologies and tips
  • ABILITY to rationalize the thinking and decision making of others
  • IDENTIFY the right solution for the right problem

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