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Procurement Certification in Combatting Risk and Fraud

4th December 2019 - 6th December 2019


Delegates attending this workshop will understand how to reduce the risk and cost of fraud to their organisation and how to secure better value from better procurement and better contracting outcomes. Combating procurement fraud is vital. Procurement fraud costs SE Asia US$140billion each year. Nearly all organisations will have been victims of procurement fraud and the consequences can be much greater than the value of the fraud.

  • For private sector organisations, tackling it vigorously can mean boosting profits by several percentage points – making the difference between being a ‘winner’ and‘loser’ – expanding or contracting.
  • For governments, tackling procurement fraud effectively can boost its reputation, thus attracting more inward investment, improving public services and, with globalisation, making it a more competitive nation.

Specific benefits for delegates include:

  • An understanding of procurement fraud, the risks and how their organisation can combat it;
  • An understanding of why organisations often do the wrong thing to combat procurement fraud;
  • 30 ‘tools’ and checklist that can be applied by their organisation;
  • An exceptional set of slides;
  • A template for creating an anti-fraud plan tailored for their organisation.
  • An improved understanding of first class procurement and contracting and how to achieve it.

Specific benefits for organisations include:

  • Cash savings through better procurement
  • Cash savings through combating procurement fraud
  • Better contracting outcomes
  • Improved reputation
  • Improved competitiveness

Who Should Attend

  • Company directors
  • Senior and Middle ranking Public Officials
  • Finance Directors
  • Finance Staff
  • Auditors
  • Operational Directors and Managers
  • Operational Staff
  • Commercial Directors
  • Procurement Directors
  • Procurement Managers and Staff
  • Public Sector Policy Makers

Key Learning Objectives

  • Scale and impact of procurement fraud in SE Asia, by nation and region
  • Consequences and cost of procurement fraud to governments and businesses
  • Categories of procurement fraud, including corruption, contractor fraud, conflict of interest,  theft and cyber fraud and which is the most common
  • How procurement fraud is committed
  • Why people commit procurement fraud
  • The industries most susceptible to procurement fraud
  • Fraud prevention controls, which are the most effective – and comparing effectiveness with practicality
  • Procurement cycle and points of risk
  • Minimising fraud in contracting
  • Bid-rigging indicators
  • How to reduce contractor and sub-contractor fraud
  • Tackling cartels and monopolies
  • How to reduce cyber fraud
  • Creating an anti-fraud culture
  • Ethical codes
  • Top tips to discourage fraud and corruption
  • Combating fraud through creating First Class Procurement: What it is and how can it be achieved
  • Fraud and investigation
  • Characteristics of fraud perpetrators and behavioural ‘red alerts’
  • Financial ‘red alerts’
  • Creating an anti-fraud plan tailored for your organisation

Learning will be through lectures, syndicate and class exercises.

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4th December 2019
6th December 2019


Kuala Lumpur
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur,Kuala LumpurMalaysia+ Google Map
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