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big data training

Why Choose this Training Course

During the big data training workshop, the trainer will provide case studies making the course mimic real-life situations and thus providing an opportunity for those attending to learn best practices and how to select the right BI tools for the company. Not only will those attending know how to perform predictive analysis but, they will be able to use them to increase organisational performance. Participants will be able to use data accumulated in the organisation to provide valuable insights into future business decisions. This widens the job scope of the employees and creates potential for companies to enhance productivity.

This big data training course differs from other training programs in the market as it is not vendor-specific. Instead of forcing attendees to fit the company into the BI tools ability, the trainer will teach participants on what to look out for when picking a BI tool that will best fit the company. On top of that, the course aims to teach you the best practices to implement BI throughout the firm and to perform predictive analysis as well. The course will advise trainees on how to plan for, create and sustain a BI framework within the company regardless of the tools currently used by the company. Participants will also be tutored on how to use the BI framework to create exceptionally intelligent dashboards and predictive analysis that will essentially increase organisational performance.

Who Should Attend

Target Audience:

  • Business Intelligence consultants
  • IT managers,
  • BI & enterprise architects
  • BI managers
  • Directors of Finance
  • Managers of performance management
  • Data warehouse managers
  • Business managers
  • Anyone who is interested in being more successful with Business Analytics, reporting and dashboards

* There are no technical prerequisites for this course besides having more than 3 years of work experience and a higher education diploma.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What are the necessary Soft and Technical skills needed to use business intelligence (BI)
  • How to convert data into usable information that can be used to help the company make better decisions and improve organisational performance.
  • How to perform predictive analysis.
  •  How to analyse the data and determine what it means
  • Being able to communicate their findings to non-IT personnel clearly
  • How to create a sustainable BI framework
  • Using case studies to learn about business intelligence and its successful implementation.
  • Being able to develop solutions to help others across different disciplines and sectors within the company.

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