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well completion training

Why Choose this Training Course

The well completion training course is designed to give an overview of well completions as well as workover operations being carried out to maintain well integrity and availability for production/ injection. It introduces completion techniques, equipment, perforating methodologies and techniques, wellhead and downhole equipment, hydraulic fracturing, acidizing, squeeze cementing and scale removal techniques. It helps attendants to understand completion technology and be familiar with the tools and the know-how of various oil well completions. Moreover, it focuses on:

  • Practical application of various techniques and methodologies in well completion from completion type selection, perforation strategies, fluid selection as well as surface installations.
  • Specific completion design project and case studies for success/failure case histories for different cases of well completion installations in different operating environment.

Who Should Attend

The well completion training course will include full explanation of the modules with detailed practical examples along with actual video clips for actual field cases. It also includes group discussions & exercises and daily quizzes to keep the information live. Pre & Post-course tests will be conducted as well to M & E the participants and learning process performance.

Key Learning Objectives

  • DEVELOP high level completion strategy for wells in variety of situations.
  • SELECT tubing, packers, and completion flow control equipment
  • DESIGN suitable flow barrier strategy
  • INTRODUCE recommendations on installation and retrieval practices for tubing, packers, etc.
  • IDENTIFY key design for horizontal, multilateral, HPHT wells, etc.
  • SELECT appropriate intervention strategy/equipment
  • IDENTIFY key features of the main sand control, formation fracing and well stimulation options.
  • ASSESS concerns measures for formation damage/ skin removal.
  • DEVELOP and outlining overall strategy for a completion program.
  • PLAN Effective Operation
    • Learn practical methods of design
    • Plan and install safe and efficient well completion and workover
    • Improve well productivity by integrating the importance of completion process to future production in order to enhance performance and failures.
  • IMPROVE effectiveness and efficiency of work performance by learning ways to conduct operations smoothly in a correct technique.
  • IMPROVE effectiveness of operations

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