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Top 5 Training Providers in Malaysia

Best Training Provider
Best Training Provider

Best Training Provider

Why is Professional Training important?

Professional training and development equips employees with the right skill set. This increases productivity by 200% and grow margin drastically (Source). In your interest, we have done extensive research and will provide you with a list of best training providers in Malaysia 2018 and 2019! Rankings are not in order.


Top 5 Training Providers in Malaysia


  1. Neville-Clarke (M) Sdn. Bhd.

    Neville-Clarke (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary of BSI, a global business consultancy since 2017. It is one of the leading training organization in Asia Pacific specialized in delivering accelerated learning using a capacity building approach. They offered various certified training programs and courses in various parts of Malaysia.

  2. PETRONAS Technical Training Sdn Bhd

    Petronas Technical Training Sdn. Bhd runs as a subsidiary of Petroliam Nasional Berhad. In 2015 and 2016, they have won four international awards – the Global Getenergy 2016 Award as Education & Training Provider of the Year, OPITO Employers Award 2015 in committing to a safe and competent workforce, Pearson Centre of Excellence 2015 and BTEC Outstanding Centre of Excellence 2015. They offer 3 major types of programmes – bridging programmes, professional development programmes, and competency-based assessment and certification.

  3. TNB Integrated Learning Solution Sdn Bhd

    TNB Integrated Learning Solution is a one-stop energy learning, technical training institute based in Putrajaya, Malaysia. They specialize in Power Utility Engineering, and they offer blended learning where participants can access course materials online on their own time. They provide programs for the entire energy industry: lines and cables, power production, transmission and grid, renewable energy, substations etc, for both technicians and engineers.

  4. Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM learning experience centre)

    Telekom Malaysia Berhad is one of the few who focuses on digital advancements, providing digital solutions to both public sector and enterprises. They offer digital solutions to various industries, including Manufacturing, Government Services, and Education.

  5. Opus Kinetic Pte Ltd

    Opus Kinetic is the world’s leading training provider across multiple disciplines. Certified by International Organizations of Standards (ISO), completing each masterclasses and training by Opus Kinetic guarantee participants a takeaway of renowned certificate and knowledge that will help improve productivity and company margin effectively. Besides masterclasses and professional training, Opus Kinetic also offers in-house consultancy – customized training solution to meet your company’s needs.

So that was our top 5 best training providers in Malaysia. If you like to know more on Opus Kinetic, feel free to check out here on Why Attend a Training Course with Opus Kinetic.

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Opus Kinetic believes that people are why organisations are successful, and giving people the knowledge to perform well at their job is integral for success. We pride ourselves as the premier provider of knowledge, offering acclaimed in-house trainings, and many others professional training courses spanning from various industries. Our training courses are well researched and updated with the latest industry trends. For more information on our professional training programs, check out our event calendar.