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Singapore Training Provider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 2019

Giving Children

Most of Singapore Organisations are all about corporate social responsibility or CSR. Training providers in Singapore are also stepping up the charitable trade in the field of CSR. Before we start with Opus Kinetic and their CSR, let us take a look at what CSR really means.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulating business approach that contributes to tenable development by delivering environmental, economic and social benefits for all stakeholders. By practicing corporate social responsibility, companies can be conscious of the types of impact they are having on all parts of society. To be engaged in CSR means that a company is operating in ways that improve and enhance society and/or the environment, instead of being a negative outlet.

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Opus Kinetic and CSR

Opus Kinetic has always been putting in effort in ways to improve the society, and enhancing people’s lives. Besides our constant effort to empower delegates with knowledge, increasing business revenues and injecting a dynamic new energy to companies, Opus Kinetic is also making volunteering efforts to enhance community vibrancy.

Singapore Children’s Society

Opus Kinetic is one of the Participating Enterprise in Singapore Children’s Society corporate giving programme, 1000 Enterprises for Children-In-Need (1000E).  As mentioned, Opus Kinetic believes in actively promoting community growth and development, and they do so by supporting and improving the lives of children, youth and families in need. Supporting Singapore Children’s Society’s efforts of providing specialised care, education, counselling and rehabilitation for children, Opus Kinetic lends support in providing a safe and nurturing environment for children and youth to grow and secure a better future.

Singapore Children’s Society protects and nurtures children and youth of all races and religions. The Society reached out to 65,536 children, youth and families in need and offers services in the four categories of: Vulnerable Children and and Youth, Children and Youth Services, Family Services, and Research and Advocacy.

Opus Kinetic will continue to strive to help the community, improve lives and enhance society standards. If you wish for us to be part of any positive cause, feel free to contact us here.


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