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4 signs that your organization needs a revamp in its corporate training system

Planning Corporate Training

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Planning Corporate Training


Over the last few decades, there have been huge changes in the corporate training systems in organizations. Gone are the days when students could just graduate, find a job and stop going for classes. Today, learning is really a lifelong process. Only those who are diligent in learning new skills and upgrading their professional skillsets will be able to remain as wanted talents in organizations.


With the many types of corporate trainings that are available nowadays and the high awareness that organizations have with regards to the benefits of corporate training, it can be presumed that most organizations already have a corporate training system in place, be it done through internally or externally. However, how do you know if the existing corporate training system is effective and when the system needs a revamp?


Here are the 4 signs that indicate ineffectiveness of the existing corporate training system:

  1. Poor business results
  2. Poor leadership
  3. Struggles with advancements in technology
  4. Low employee’s motivation


  1. Poor business results

Has your organization been producing results that are lower than expected for a while? Sending employees to the same training programs repeatedly would mean that they are acquiring and applying the same knowledge to areas that may require new and advanced skills. This will result in your organization failing to address the same few issues and failing to meet the desired business results. Upgrading your training programs would allow employees to develop new skills to correct those existing issues.


  1. Poor leadership

According to a McKinsey & Company study of more than 52 000 managers and employees, it has been found out that leaders rated themselves better as compared to how their employees did. This indicates the issue of self-perception, also known as self-enhancement bias, among managers. 82% of managers are perceived to be lacking in leadership skills by their employees. This problem of not being able recognize a suitable leader can be resolved by sending potential leaders to leadership training courses.


  1. Struggles with advancements in technology

With the continuous advancements in technology, you know your organization need a revamp when your employees are finding it hard to keep up with the latest technology trends. Even with online resources and digital tools, it will be better for your employees to have the opportunities to learn about new software/technologies under professional guide. According to Forbes, 70% of executives perceived big data to be one of the main factors to revenue growth.


  1. Low employee’s motivation

Do you see your employees being unhappy at work, doing just the bare minimum to get by each day? This indicates that your current training system/ job scope may be too relaxed for them. It’s time to upgrade your training system and inculcate your employees with new knowledge such they have the ability and opportunity to take on more challenging tasks, enhancing their satisfaction and morale.


Many organizations have already implemented corporate trainings, but little organizations pay attention to it after deciding on a specific training program. It will be good for you to constantly review your training program and take the extra leap of faith to revamp your current training program when you feel that it is needed!


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