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4 Benefits Emphasizing the Importance of Interaction during Corporate Training

4 Benefits Emphasizing the Importance of Interaction during Corporate Training

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4 Benefits Emphasizing the Importance of Interaction during Corporate Training


For an organization which aims to train and develop employees belonging to the cream of the crop, it is natural to want to utilize the best training methods and practices. As mentioned in a previous article ‘4 tips on how to increase appeal of corporate training for employees’, interactive corporate training is critical in engaging your employees.


As compared to the past where corporate training used to comprise of one-sided lectures along with boring slides, good trainers nowadays have been learning to incorporate technology and improved methods to make corporate training more interactive and effective.


Here are 4 benefits of incorporating interaction into corporate training:

  1. Higher Engagement
  2. Better Retention of Information
  3. Increased Flexibility
  4. Immediate Feedback Reception


  1. Higher Engagement

Interaction during corporate training can promote collaboration within employees. Due to the various opportunities offered e.g. Q&A sessions etc., employees have more chances of speaking up and connecting with each other. As Eric Mazur, a Harvard professor has said, ‘Active learning, not passive [learning] makes it impossible to sleep through a class.’. With more engagement and active participation during corporate training through interactive methods, it gives employees more control over their learning, making the learning experience more powerful and hence, promoting better learning outcomes.


  1. Better Retention of Information

Employees will be able to retain information better through experiential learning such as analyzing case studies or role-playing. The power of experiential learning can be significant. It enables employees to have a deeper knowledge of the subject than what is possible from a one-sided lecture. It also increases employee’s capability of utilizing knowledge of the subject in complex or ambiguous situations. Providing employees with the opportunities to apply knowledge in simulated real-life situations will deem the experience more valuable and enhances the interactivity of the whole training, increasing the effectiveness of the training.


  1. Increased Flexibility

One major pro of having interaction in corporate training is the increased flexibility of the training schedule. With the assumption that employees have been to many training sessions and experienced the same styles of teaching repeatedly, having another training with the same teaching style will bore them and decrease the effectiveness of the training sessions. In contrast, not only will having different interactive activities e.g. brainstorming sessions, paired discussions etc., provides a sense of novelty, these interactive activities will also cater to the different learning methods of employees.


  1. Immediate Feedback Reception

With interactive sessions, one thing that can’t be avoided is the reception of feedback. Employees will be prompted to share their thoughts and subsequently receive immediate feedback. This interaction between employees and trainers allow trainers to better understand how the employees are processing the information taught. It also allows employees to reflect on what they have learnt and provide them with the opportunities to clarify any misunderstandings. This reinforces the knowledge learnt and promotes employees’ social skills too.


Keeping employees focused and engaged during corporate training is getting harder. In the modern age, distractions are getting more common. Digital mediums and digital accessories are simply a few of the many distractions that exist today. For a more blended learning experience for employees, other than incorporating interaction into corporate training, know when your organization needs a revamp in its corporate training system.


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