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Challenges Organizations Face with regards to Corporate Training

Challenges Organizations Face With Regards To Corporate Training

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Challenges Organizations Face With Regards To Corporate Training


The industry for corporate training has evolved rapidly over the last decade, having more organizations with employees themselves yearning for effective training. Even though there are many ways to increase effectiveness of corporate training such as answering these questions, there are still other challenges that organizations face that can hinder the effectiveness of corporate training.


Here are 3 of the most common challenges faced by organizations:

  1. Change Management
  2. Shortage of Employees’ Time
  3. Tight Budget


  1. Change Management

A major international study has found out that the older generation generally lags considerably behind as compared to the younger generation in terms of acquiring new skills. This may pose as a problem for those organizations with more elderly hires. Dealing with changes, re-learning and application of new skills to the same job may be something that are perceived to be difficult for the elderly hires. Hence, to ease the learning process of these employees, HR can have a mentorship program to facilitate the training and to reduce the resistance of change for these employees.


  1. Shortage of Employees’ Time

With numerous roles that an employee must take up daily in both their work and family life, it is highly probable that employees will be resistant to undergo training out of their work hours e.g. full day training/ overseas training workshops. The solution to this can be to find an appropriate training provider who is able to meet your needs. Prioritize those training providers that can specialize and customize the training programs according to your organization’s needs or even provide in-house training such that the training’s timetable is able to be customized according to your organization’s and employees’ needs.


  1. Tight Budget

Renowned trainers tend to cost a lot. While the budget for training and development tend to be tight and limited, organizations often hope to optimize and demand the most out of the training programs. This is one of the most pressing challenges organizations face with regards to learning and development. While organizations can choose to opt for cheaper training that cover a large range of topics, it must be acknowledged that spending on learning and development is a worthwhile investment. At the end of the day, spending more will be equivalent to more knowledge gained by employees and higher productivity at work, leading to improvement in ROI for the organization.


Training and development for employees are indispensable factors for an organization’s growth. Even though it may seem as if there are a lot of factors hindering an organization towards the cultivation of its employees, it is vital to keep in mind that as long as these obstacles are crossed, huge benefits can be reaped. Hence, keep your mind on the end goal and push through these obstacles.



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