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Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Training Provider

Questions to ask before choosing a training provider

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Questions to ask before choosing a training provider


Corporate training is something that is naturally considered to be essential today given its many benefits. According to the 2018 Training Industry Report, spending on external training products and services has increased from $7.5 billion to $11 billion over the past year. It can be difficult, though, to know which training provider is the most suitable for your organization among the wide myriad of training providers out here.


Here are the key questions that ought to be asked when searching for a training provider:


  1. Is the training provider a recognized organization?

Organizations predominantly prefer to engage in services of well-known training providers to increase success and efficiency rate of the corporate training. However, the truth is that it is not necessary to splurge and engage in the market leader. To have promising corporate training courses, first criteria is that the training provider must be accredited. One such accreditation will be the ISO accreditation. It provides assurance that the training courses have met the professional standards and and that the training materials are reliable.


  1. How can the training provider help to achieve your goals?

To avoid the spending of the training expense unnecessarily, other than engaging in a recognized training provider, it is important to align the training goals with the business objectives. Consequently, the training provider must be aware of your business objectives in order to deliver targeted training to meet your organization’s needs.


  1. Is the training provider well-versed in your industry?

Among the different types of corporate training an organization should engage in, there are certain training which requires technical knowledge and hence, specific knowledge regarding your industry. For your employees to benefit from the training, having knowledgeable trainers with relevant experience in the industry you are in is fundamental. Analyzing case studies and sharing analysis that are industry-specific will be beneficial for the learning of your employees.


  1. Can the training provider provide your employees with customized training?

Not just between industries, it is the same within industries – one size does not fit all. One style of teaching or the impartation of a specific spectrum of knowledge that works for a certain company may not work for other companies. It is critical then to find a training provider that can cater to your needs and customize the training content according to what your organization or employees need.


  1. How are your employees’ capability going to be accessed after the training?

For corporate training, there must be post review to ensure that the knowledge gained from the training courses are sustained. Good training providers offer an examination for candidates after the course, of which they will be awarded a certification if they pass.


For selection of a qualified training provider, it is best if all the above-mentioned questions are answered. An example of such qualified training provider is Opus Kinetic. More reasons on why you should attend a training course with Opus Kinetic can be read here.



Opus Kinetic believes that people are why organizations are successful, and giving people the knowledge to perform well at their job is integral for success. We pride ourselves as the premier provider of knowledge, offering acclaimed in-house trainings, and many other professional training courses spanning from various industries. Our training courses are well-researched and updated with the latest industry trends. For more information on our professional training programs, check out our training calendar below. 




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