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Top Oil and Gas Industry Training Courses You Should Attend

Oil and Gas

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Oil and Gas


While there is an ever-increasing demand for jobs in the oil and gas sector, roles in the sector are evolving as well. It requires an educated and highly skilled workforce thanks to the new technology being introduced to the sector every year.


To keep up with the industry demands, employees need to continue learning and equip themselves with new professional skills, not only to expand their knowledge but also their career opportunities, says Hart Energy. Employees need to stay on top of the latest best practices to make sure that they are valuable and able to value-add to the organisation. On top of that, a competent employee would benefit the oil and gas industry as a whole. One of the well-known incidents is when BP Deepwater Horizon operation caused a massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The well-publicised incident highlighted the need for enhanced emergency management training for the energy workforce. Moreover, a study done by American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), reported that investing in corporate training is able to yield financial returns for firms and their investors.


Now that we understand how training can affect the job scope of an employee and employer, let’s have a look at the top courses in oil and gas industry:


Advanced Shutdown, Turnaround and Start-Up

  • The training will improve your company’s approach to planning and scheduling of these major processes, best done by applying a framework for effective turnaround execution
  • A well-planned shutdown will help reduce loss of revenue and maintain inventory levels
  • The chances of facing an accident increases exponentially if the shutdown is unplanned
  • Learn about the latest planning techniques for turnarounds
  • To read an overview about the steps involved to ensure a successful shutdown, click here.


Integrating Human Factors into The Design and Operations Risk Framework

  • The purpose of the training course is to manage all business risks effectively by integrating the human factors engineering aspects into the design and operation of their facilities
  • Understand the relationships between people, processes and plant in creating suitable barriers to prevent or mitigate risk to your business
  • Implementing human factors will help identify all safety critical tasks at the site, and those which could initiate, prevent or mitigate the representative set of SCEs
  • Read about integrating human factors into Safety Cases


Effective Incident Investigation and Reporting

  • The training course aims at providing a comprehensive overview investigation and reporting
  • It helps to develop an understanding as of how to analyse incidents to identify root cause and enforce the safety culture accordingly in order to reduce the frequency of such incidents
  • Learn how to use effective investigation and interviewing techniques to gather complete, objective and accurate data
  • Understand what measures need to be taken to control the hazards
  • To learn more about the importance of incident investigation and reporting click here.


Gas Explosion Hazards, Fire Detection and Protection System Design for Oil & Gas

  • This training course will help understand the accident chain of events and important parameters affecting gas release and dispersion
  • Understand the basics as well as important parameters governing vapor cloud explosions
  • Learn about the various explosion modeling techniques that may be applied and understand the importance of using advance 3D modeling for fire and gas explosion analyses
  • Analyze the impact on overall risk of consequence scenarios and the beneficial effect of fire and gas systems using consequence integration


Advanced Maintenance and Reliability Management

  • The goal of any maintenance and reliability training program is to deliver a proper balance of maintenance activities – primarily those aimed at identifying impending failures – to allow for timely corrective actions
  • Helps to manage the organizational changes required to maximize the contribution and generate sustained improvements
  • It will teach the financial principles to enable workers, especially engineers, to suggest the most cost-efficient options to over any technical problem
  • Learn how to develop an effective maintenance and reliability program here.


Water Management in Heavy Oil Resource Operations

  • The training course will help understand and analyze technology options, advantages, and limitations
  • Design or specify the equipment capable of fulfilling the operations intended
  • Synthetize and define the applicability conditions of technologies
  • Learn to predict accurate efficiencies or performance of equipment, anticipate remediation of spills


Forecasting the Prices of Crude-Oil, Natural-Gas and Refined Products

  • Learn to use financial models to analyse and forecast energy prices; extrapolate forward prices beyond the liquidity tenor
  • Understand the risk of and return from futures and options contracts on energy commodities
  • Apply option valuation techniques to the energy markets
  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the financial-economics techniques used to forecast prices


Attending training courses and gaining certifications can immensely boost your knowledge and credibility as an industry professional. Furthermore, being prepared with the right tools and skillsets for your job will allow you to perform better in your job while being prepared for any unforeseen issues that may arise. Still unsure about what to look out for when picking a training provider? Check out: Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Training Provider


Opus Kinetic believes that people are why organizations are successful, and giving people the knowledge to perform well at their job is integral for success. We pride ourselves as the premier provider of knowledge, offering acclaimed in-house trainings, and many other professional training courses spanning from various industries. Our training courses are well-researched and updated with the latest industry trends. For more information on our professional training programs, check out our latest training calendar.


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