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About this Training Course This four-day course reinforces the importance of developing and implementing purposeful communication, and teaches communication professionals a number of practical ways they can improve the way they communicate their organisation’s social impact and performance. Explore how to communicate with stakeholders more openly and build trusted internal and external relationships. What to…

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The Need for Strategic Communication Skills

Average reading time is 7 minutes The value of strategic communication has garnered traction over the years. It is attracting more and more attention in society and corporations. Many organisations have grown to understand the vital importance of strategic communication for the survival and success of organizations. Yet, communication professionals and communication departments around the…

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Public Speaking

In today’s technology-filled world where people are often exposed to messages through mediums like social medium and the Internet, we may question if there really is a need for public speaking and if people do still need to give speeches in public. Just by googling ‘classes on public speaking’, there are over 400 million results…

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