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Practical Communication Skills for Government

May 27

government communication training

Why Choose this Training Course

Learn how to build communication effectiveness across your department and get buy in. The ability to define, engage and deliver the right communication to the right audience in a way they prefer is the magic bullet that delivers communication outcome.  This government communication training will help you improve your approach to communication government.

Who Should Attend

This government communication training is designed for all government professionals who wish to gain more confidence and become more effective and efficient as a communicator.

Career Level: All career levels

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn what is and why effective communication is important
  • What are the 4 M’s (Message Market, Media and Measure) and how to apply this to planning your communication
  • The Importance of asking the right questions and listening well
  • Be able to segment your audience
  • Produce clear and compelling messages
  • Applying the right approach to communication
  • Understand how to measure your communication outcomes

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