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Hydrogen Energy (29 Aug - 1 Sept 2022)

Why Choose this Training Course This accredited hydrogen energy course equips participants with the latest knowledge on how to assess and manage hydrogen energy projects, evaluate the benefits of adopting hydrogen technology and understand the hydrogen economy. The course enables participants to work successfully in the renewables and hydrogen energy industry, both locally and internationally;…

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Why Choose this Training Course This is a 4-day training course. The Hydrogen Economy seeks to use hydrogen to replace fossil fuels for power generation and transport with a fuel that produces no carbon dioxide emissions. Hydrogen is used widely in the process industries. It is often produced at a considerable scale and often transported…

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Hydrogen is a clean-burning molecule that can be used as a substitute for coal, oil and gas in a large variety of applications. There are several means of producing the gas, and the overwhelming majority of hydrogen in use today is produced using fossil fuels. It has been touted as the next big revolution in…

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