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Advanced Strategic Communication: 3 Levels of Listening

Average Reading Time is 5 minutes When you think of an efficient corporate communicator, you may often picture someone who speaks charismatically, delivers speeches eloquently and has a way with words. The ability to speak is often revered as an important aspect of a corporate communicator. Corporate communicators go to great lengths to polish their…

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How to measure the effectiveness of internal corporate communication

Average reading time is 4 minutes Imagine this. An important corporate event is just around the corner. As an internal communicator at work, you and your team have been working hard on perfecting your internal communication plan for this event. You are convinced that your strategy would gather a huge turnout for this important corporate…

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5 Ways to Improve Internal Corporate Communication

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes Effective internal corporate communication in an organisation is essential to any business to operate smoothly and successfully. According to Towers Watson study, companies with highly effective communication practices enjoy 47% higher total returns to shareholders compared to organizations with poor communication. Improved internal communication along with increasing returns to shareholders,…

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