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Advanced Gas Lift

5th December 2016


Over 70% of the world’s oil and gas production is artificially lifted, with a significant number of strings being gas lifted. Most gas lifted facilities are aging and are only addressed in a reactive nature because focus tends to be on “more important” projects. Over the 3 days of this program you will learn the significance of your gas lifted wells and their place within the whole production process. All wells are part of a system and each and every well has an impact on that system. You will also be made aware of other elements that make up the gas lift system and have an impact on a productive, optimised and safe operation. This program is designed to introduce and/or refresh the skills of all levels of field/operations and office based personnel involved in oil and gas production using Gas Lift. The content and approach allows all disciplines to be included as the format addresses a large number of subjects regarding Gas Lift Operations that should be known but are rarely visited in other training programs. The aim is to provide a workshop based forum to allow interaction and participation from the participants, with this inclusiveness taking into account the skill levels of all participants, Awareness, Knowledge, Skill and Mastery. Experience has shown that within the GL discipline all levels have gaps in their skill set that need a healthcheck or update from time to time. The aim is to allow flexibility in how the sessions flow to ensure focus on the subjects that have the greatest influence and value to the individual, team and companies represented by the audience.

Who should attend

Engineers and Managers especially those who work in projects, reservoir engineering, field development and production group.
Potential attendees are listed out as follow:

  • Surveillance Engineers
  • Operators
  • Wireline Crews
  • Project Support & Services Department
  • Managers and anyone who has a role to play in a Gas Lifted Operation
  • Exploration & Production (E&P) Manager
  • Team Leaders
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Production Technicians/Technologists
  • Production Engineers
  • Artificial/Gas Lift Specialists
  • Well-Testers

Key Learning points

  • IDENTIFY wells that are producing sub-optimally
  • ACQUIRE practical skills and techniques to track changes in well performance over time
  • IMPROVE your understanding on well surveillance concept which include analysis, evaluation, design and optimisation
  • GAIN first-hand technical knowledge and skills on well surveillance and troubleshooting from the global Subject Matter Expert himself
  • UNDERSTAND the concept and benefits of gas lift especially its place in the whole production system efficiency context
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