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The module is designed to cover the essential elements for all safety, operations, engineering and managerial personnel with the responsibility for carrying out and participating in HAZOPS. It identifies potentially hazardous failures in a systematic, thorough and creative way using guidewords to determine what can go wrong outside the design envelope. The course will be of use to a wide range of disciplines whether in design, development, production, maintenance or a safety/ environmental role. People in all these disciplines regularly lead, or are involved in HAZOP studies.

Key Learning Points:

A HAZOP study identifies hazards and operability problems. The concept involves investigating how the plant might deviate from the design intent. If, in the process of identifying problems during a HAZOP study, a solution becomes apparent, it is recorded as part of the HAZOP result; however, care must be taken to avoid trying to find solutions which are not so apparent, because the prime objective for the HAZOP is problem identification. Although the HAZOP study was developed to supplement experience based practices when a new design or technology is involved, its use has expanded to almost all phases of a plant's life. HAZOP is based on the principle that several experts with different backgrounds can interact and identify more problems when working together than when working separately and combining their results. This module explains the key principles and methodologies associated with executing a HAZOP study.

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