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This 3 day course will allow the participants the ability to improve pump reliability and reduce power consumption and therefore make a huge difference to the organization’s profitability.The over-riding aim of the pump and system training course is to reduce the costs associate with owning and running pumps. Organizations spend millions running and repairing pumps but unfortunately, nine out of ten pumps fails early. We can reduce the cost of owning pumps considerably if we can improve reliability . Power is a major cost for any organization. We can reduce the cost of owning them considerably if we can reduce the amount of power required to run our pumps.

Who Should Attend

  • Pump Application Engineers
  • Pump Sales Engineers
  • Maintenance & Operation Engineers
  • Project & Construction Engineers
  • Plant Engineers
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Process Engineers & Designers
  • Technical engineers

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the system controls the pump
  • Learn how the flowrate impacts on pump reliability – what is the reliable operating range
  • Design better systems and select better pumps, leading to improved reliability
  • Know how pumps should be installed and commissioned – avoid those common commissioning failures
  • Avoid operational problems that lead to pump failures
  • Learn why pumps vibrate and why seals and bearings fail
  • Understand what cavitation is, why it occurs and how to avoid it
  • Learn how to read a pump curve and how pumps really operate
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