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CCS geoscientists training

Why Choose this Training Course

This CCS geoscientists training course will provide participants with awareness and understanding of the subsurface needs of CCS projects including subsurface CO2 storage volumetrics, CO2 flow in the subsurface away from injector wells, the objective of permanent and safe storage of CO2, and the key issues of reservoir depth, well design, reservoir lithology, reservoir quality, and reservoir architecture.

The CCS geoscientists training course will establish basics such as how much CCS is needed to make a difference to global warming and explore what types of CO2 injection have already happened including dedicated long-term CCS projects, pilot projects and CO2-enhanced oil recovery projects. The course will address CO2 as a fluid phase and the key question of CO2 storage efficiency, the equivalent of oil recovery factor. The course will address the rate of CO2 injection and the role reservoir permeability. The all-important issue of the geomechanical effects of CO2 injection and feedbacks between induced mineral dissolution and rock strength and other rock properties will be addressed. The range of possible interaction between CO2 andboth aquifer and top-seal will be covered as will the range of potential leakage mechanisms that need to be assessed. The course will conclude with detailed consideration of the monitoring strategies available to assure the safety and integrity of the CO storage site.

Who Should Attend

The CCS geoscientists training course is aimed at geoscientists and engineers, but other sub-surface staff will also find the course useful. Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of petroleum geoscience. However, the subject matter of this course, the geoscience of carbon capture and storage, is covered from basic principles.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role of CCS in CO2 emissions-reductions
  • Develop awareness of the role of geoscience and reservoir engineering in CCS
  • Appreciate the types of CO2 injections projects have occurred so far, and the ones that are planned
  • Discuss CCS projects that have been a success and those that have had problems
  • Understand CO2 as a fluid in the subsurface and how it differs from oil, gas and water
  • Build awareness of the reservoir rocks that store CO2 and the volumetrics of CO2 storage
  • Appreciate the importance of the storage efficiency factor in controlling how much CO2 can be injected
  • Gain an appreciation of the question of the injectivity of CO2 and the roles of permeability and aquifer architecture on CO2 flow

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