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Excellence in Project Management & EVM

5th May 2014


Industry benchmarking has shown that the difference in cost and schedule between best and worst projects can be as much as 30% and the total cost of ownership over the life of the asset can be astronomical.  In today’s competitive business environment this can mean a difference between a profitable company versus the one that becomes a takeover target.

This course has been designed to address management of limited and scarce capital resources for consistent World-Class Project Performance.  It begins with a Project Development & Execution Process and describes activities, deliverables and organization required to effectively manage these projects.  Emphasis is placed on Front End Loading where a multi-functional team defines and freezes the scope of work prior to full funding.

Value Improving and Best Practices which help optimize cost, schedule, operability and safety aspects of any project are presented.  Decision and Risk Analysis tools help the project team in selecting the right project.  Project Execution Planning is a tool for strategic planning: a means to get all parties involved in a project to work as a team in order to plan and make decisions that will determine the project’s degree of success.

Total Cost Management addresses topics such as Economic Analysis, Cost Estimating, Planning/Scheduling, Contracting/Procurement, Earned Value Measurement, Cost Control/Forecasting and Progress Reporting.

Practical workshops and interactive discussions are vital elements of the course.  Participants will be assigned to teams and will work on a real life case study of an Oil & Gas Development project that includes pipeline and marine transportation, refining and marketing operations to demonstrate all the tools discussed in the course.  The overall goal of this course is to provide you with all the tools for World-Class Project Performance.

Key Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this practical course, participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Project Management’s Impact on the Bottom Line of the Company.
  • Value Improving and Best Practices that optimize Cost, Schedule, Operability and Safety aspects of any project.
  • Total Cost Management tools to plan and identify problem areas and take corrective action for enhancing project performance.
  • Project Development & Execution Process which enables effective communication between Decision Makers, Multifunctional Project Team and         Stakeholders.

Email to with the subject “Excellence in Project Management & EVM” for the full agenda.

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