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Oil and gas companies are facing tremendous pressure to meet operational targets, avoid business interruption and improve their process safety performance while reducing the risks associated with operating complex offshore facilities. The need for a proven path to process safety excellence has never been greater, especially as organizations take on new challenges, such as meeting regulatory pressures, operating aging assets and drilling in harsher environments.

To ensure safe and reliable production and manage operational risk with confidence, companies need to be aware in real-time of the integrity of the safeguards used to manage process hazards and risks associated with day-to-day operations and maintenance activities.

This event will uncover strategies and approaches for optimizing facility safety while simultaneously enhancing operational productivity.

Key Learning Points Include:

  • Leveraging supervisory solutions to obtain a near real-time view and decision support related to their operational risks
  • Maximising productivity by standardizing and automating major operational processes and routine duties
  • Increasing reliability by accurately assessing assets’ condition and criticality to guide maintenance, repair and replacement decisions
  • Discussing industry trends and challenges and exchanging best practices
  • Improving safety performance by leveraging a dynamic, near real-time profile of hazard risks associated with operations to proactively prioritize         corrective action
  • Outlining how the integration of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) can uniquely empower companies                                    to optimize various processes and operate and maintain facilities more safely and efficiently

Email to with the subject “Managing Risk of Complex Offshore Operations” for the full agenda.

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