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Effective Technical Talent Management

1st March 2021 - 4th March 2021

About this Training Course

Managers have an obligation to get the best value for the money they invest on behalf of their organizations. That is as true for the human side of the business as it is for making investment decisions about machines, technology, or even capital. Systematically and strategically picking the best people, and developing them to make them even more productive, is not something to be put off until a rainy day. It is not something that would be “nice to do” when time permits. It is, instead, essential to gaining and sustaining competitive advantage.

While traditional “talent management” programs have focused on attracting, developing, retaining and positioning the best High Potential (HiPo) workers, technical talent management focuses on attracting, developing, retaining, positioning and transferring the knowledge of the best High Professional (HiPro) workers. HiPros are the “go to” people, the in-house experts, on business processes, problems, customers or issues. Traditional succession planning and traditional talent management programs have ignored the critically important HiPro group.

Successful organizations of the future will not be those with the most advanced technology or the most liquid capital. They will, instead, be those that are systematically managing and developing talent—including technical talent–to gain and sustain competitive advantage.

Many HR practitioners are faced with the need to coordinate the start-up of a comprehensive talent management system. However, they often wonder where to start and what to do. This session will provide a detailed approach to guide that start up. While that approach may need to be modified and aligned with each corporate culture, it provides enough details for you to prepare and implement a project plan to implement the talent management system. It goes beyond that traditional focus to add a new, special element—that is, a focus on leveraging the knowledge of HiPros.

Target Audience

This workshop is well suited for managers responsible for starting up and/or implementing technical talent management programs.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Determine whether you have top management support
  • Link talent plans to HR plans and organizational strategy
  • Describe the lifecycle of talent management systems and how they influence establishing and maintaining a talent management system
  • Review the essential components of a talent management system and plan for adding or revising components
  • Review how technical talent management differs from, and is similar to, traditional—that is, management-focused—talent management
  • Prepare a project plan to implement a technical talent management system
  • Identify and develop technical competencies
  • Examine the essential components of a performance management system as part of a technical talent management effort
  • Determine how to identify HiPros
  • Describe how to leverage the knowledge of HiPros and how to transfer that knowledge
  • Review effective recruiting and retention strategies for HiPros

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