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Introduction to Petroleum Geology

15th March 2021 - 19th March 2021

About this Training Course

This is a basic course that explains petroleum geology in elementary scientific principles. It provides sufficient knowledge of the subject for engineers, economics, geophysicists and other disciplines to interact effectively with geologists. The course is also suitable for young geologists or managers who require a refresher in the subject Following an introduction to the properties of various rock types and their relevance to the key factors controlling petroleum occurrence and productivity, the course is ordered according to the ‘exploration and production cycle’ commencing with basin level studies and ending in effective production plans so that both exploration and production geology are covered. Particular emphasis is given to the key interactions required between geologists and other disciplines in the making of key decisions such as the choice of prospects for drilling and the design of safe wells. Unconventional as well as conventional plays are reviewed. The lectures are interspersed with numerous case studies, group discussions and guided exercises.

Who Should Attend

All disciplines that interact with geologists and geophysicists

  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Geophysicists
  • Economists
  • Managers
  • Junior Geologists

Key Learning Objectives

  • LEARN the basis of geology as applied in the petroleum industry to explore and develop hydrocarbons. Non-
    geologists will gain sufficient knowledge to be able to effectively interact with geologists in their day to day work.
  • LEARN how geologists and other disciplines such as petroleum engineers, geophysicists, drilling engineers and economists should collaborate in making key exploration and production decisions.
  • GAIN a full understanding of concepts such as the exploration and development cycle, commencing with
    the development of petroleum play concepts and regional analysis through to the importance of monitoring production in a geological context.
  • GAIN a full understanding of the geological risks involved at all levels in the industry

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