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Essential Guide to Legal Aspects of Merger and Acquisitions

28th June 2021 - 30th June 2021

About this Training Course

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is a mechanism through which companies seek to be more competitive in a challenging market. This course will provide an overview and essential guide to the legal aspects of M&As, which is an essential part of all M&As.

The necessary skills needed in executing a successful M&A transaction from start to finish. It is imperative that all
companies and executives looking to undertake an M&A or become specialists in M&A transactions have this in-depth knowledge.

Review of case studies of both the success and failures in M&A transactions will provide participants with a good insights on what is required to ensure the success of such a deal. In an area where even the best companies have failed, the case studies would be invaluable in helping participants understand this challenging field. The course also covers cross-border M&A transactions and reviews present-day trends and will review and analyze all the relevant issues that can make or break a deal.

The course will encourage participants to think through relevant issues through inter-active discussions and knowledge sharing and come away will a fundamental understanding of M&A transactions. It will also offer very useful and practical insights into how companies can manage these M&A deal complexities; and if done properly can provide corporations with invaluable opportunities for growth and expansion.

This training course will feature is specifically designed to provide participants with a well thought out and practical guide to:
• Best practices in M&A Transactions
• The different models of M&A deals
• The inherent risk, liabilities and benefits the various M&A contracting strategies
• The challenges of managing risks using good contractual terms and conditions
• Structuring the M&A contract to address the critical issues

Who Should Attend

This training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals, but will greatly benefit:
• Contract / Project Professionals
• Commercial Contract Professionals
• Contract Engineers
• Project Managers
• CFO and Financial Managers
• Procurement supply chain professionals
• Risk manager / Contract Risk professionals

Key Learning Objectives

• Recognize the common motivations for acquisitions and the reasons why many are successful or unsuccessful
Identify the motivations for M&A.
Identify the different types of mergers.
Identify the steps involved in the acquisition process.
Recognize the characteristics of a successful deal.
Identify the key risks associated with the acquisition process.
Review companies M&A Deals
Recognize the specific emerging market risk for M&A
Manage M&A contract stages from pre to post Merger acquisitions
Effectively negotiate and manage M&A Contracts

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