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Identifying, Assessing and Applying Competencies and Using Performance Consulting

6th December 2021 - 9th December 2021

Why Choose this Training Course

This is a 4-day training course. While job descriptions literally describe jobs, competencies profile the ideal people to perform the jobs. It is important to have descriptions of both what work people perform and what kind of people perform that work successfully, since the difference between average performers in any job and outstanding performers in the same job may be as much as 20 times. Stated another way, one outstanding worker is worth 20 average workers. Identifying winners who are more productive—and who are capable of promotion faster—is critical to company success.

This course teaches participants on how to identify, and assess and use competencies to increase productivity in your work-force. It also describes how to improve worker productivity by using performance consulting.

Who Should Attend

  • Business owners
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Talent Development Managers
  • Competency & Performance Managers, Heads
  • Managers

Key Learning Objectives

Participants attending the training course will:

  • IDENTIFY and assess competencies in any job category
  • DEVELOP and use competency modeling
  • DEFINE performance consulting
  • REVIEW important ways to use performance consulting

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