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About this Training Course

EPCIC contracts for complex construction projects, the preferred contract module used is the EPC, EPCC or EPCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation & Commissioning) Contracts. However, this preferred method, is not without its issues and mastering the EPCIC contracts will prove to be worthwhile in reducing risks and liabilities.

This EPCIC Contracts training course is designed to address the key issues that relate to all parties to the contract. Allocation of risk and liability is important and manages exposure of the parties. Effective contracting strategies are important skills to have in order to minimize delay, cost over-runs and loss of profits in the project.

This training course is specifically designed to provide participants with a well – tested and practical guide:
• The different models of EPC Contracts
• The inherent risk, liabilities and benefits of employing various contracting strategies
• The challenges of EPCIC lump sum contracts and the ways to manage cost over-runs
• Structuring the contract to address the issues of the several parties to the contract to ensure a positive project outcome
• Pros and Cons of the split EPCIC contract form
• Insights into the current issues affecting EPCIC contracts like pollution, HSE and local content


Who Should Attend

This training course is suitable for a wide range of profession, but will greatly benefit:
• Contract / Project
• Commercial Contract Professionals
• Commercial Operation Professionals
• Contract Engineers
• Procurement supply chain professionals
• Risk manager / Contract Risk professionals

Key Learning Objectives

Participants attending the training course will:
Understand the current global, local and financial environment for EPCIC contracts
Examine and analyse the difference between with EPCIC contracts & EPCM and appreciate the underlying legal principles
Assess operational, commercial, legal and financial risks in EPCIC contracts
Appreciate the essential element of the different contract stages from pre to post tender to completion and delivery of project
Address key issues faced during project lifecycle and how to tackle these through enforceable contractual clauses

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