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Integrated Petrophysics for Carbonate and Fractured Reservoirs

20th September 2021 - 24th September 2021

About this Training Course

This course presents the Complete Carbonate & Fracture Evaluation Recipe for carbonate petrophysical characterisation, from Quick Look log analysis to full Core-Log-Test integration. It is also a systematic plan of action for Carbonate Petrophysics, from data acquisition to core, log and well test integration, highlighting the problems and explaining solutions. All data is ranked and located correctly in the workflow, from drilling and LWD to well tests and the latest hi-tech logs. This recipe provides a definitive set of results and secure basis for decisions for the management of any carbonate or complex reservoir. The course explains how the physical characteristics of Carbonates – tight, fractured, vuggy or permeable – present log analysis Failure Points. How to Drill, Core, Log, Test and evaluate specifically to address these failure points is explained via a condensed learning session of interleaved theory, PetroDB-WEB demos, workshops and videos. Drilling data, core, SCAL, logs, LithoScanner, NMR, Dielectric, Sigma, Acoustic, Image-logs and MDTs are all briefly explained and fitted together to form the definitive solution for any given data set. The course’s powerful Excel Carbonate Petrophysics Toolbox includes all Workshops, a detailed Sw calibration, a vuggy Carbonate QL LAS evaluator, 100+ Eqns, PetroDB-WEB extracts, QL Sigma, HPV Sensitivities and calculators for Fracture Probability and Fracture Ø & HPV.

Who Should Attend

Petrophysicists. Geologists, Operations Geologists, Structural Geologists, Geo-modellers, Reservoir Engineers, Well Test Engineers or Core Analysts who use or create petrophysical results for carbonate or “complex” reservoirs. Basic principles are reviewed; however, a year’s experience information evaluation is desirable.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The physical differences between Carbonates and Clastics and their data response implications.
  • Understand why extreme pores, vugs, fractures and oil wetness occurs in carbonates and how to recognize and treat them.
  • Carbonate & Fracture petrophysical essentials. The Carbonates Failure Points which must be identified & healed.
  • Why fracture well tests can be misleading and what other critical data you must-have?
  • How common errors impact results using PetroDB-WEB interactive demos?
  • How to acquire and integrate key drilling, mudlog, core, special log and well test data?
  • How to do Quick Look Carbonate Log Analysis and integrate capillary pressures with logs in Excel, PetroDB WEB, IP and other software packs?
  • How to derive Reservoir Rock Type Equation Sets and apply them with modern logs?
  • How to do thorough, integrated and robust evaluations in any complex, conventional reservoir?
  • How end-users can critically review complex petrophysical results using the author’s Petrophysical Greenlists?

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