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Planning and Scheduling Day to Day Maintenance and Turnarounds

30th November 2020 - 2nd December 2020


The effective Maintenance management within chemical plants is a critical feature of plant operation, both in establishing the conditions for safe ongoing operation of the plant after commissioning and in supporting the commercial success of the business. Many companies focus on the cost of the maintenance organisation, rather than on the benefits that they can provide, and in so doing the real potential for maintenance organisations to make significant contributions to business success are often lost. Ultimately, and assuming that the commercial department is able to sell the product that is produced, the contribution of a maintenance organisation can most effectively be measured in terms of its ability to generate sustained improvements with time in the total (fixed and variable) cost per unit volume of production.

There are a number of drivers which tend to increase the cost of production; certain types of equipment become unreliable with time, obsolescence is often an issue, environmental and safety standards are continuing to tighten, and so on. Of course, there are many tools and techniques that are available to help. Techniques such as Risk-Based Inspection, Reliability Centred Maintenance, and Total Productive Maintenance can all add value if they are used appropriately, but it is important to remember that the long term aim of plant maintenance is to deliver sustained and continuous reduction in the cost per unit of production, a point often lost in the mounds of paperwork that can be generated by some of the tools that are provided to help the maintenance engineer in his decision making! It is worth remembering that any debate or decision within the maintenance organisation which does not concern the selection or delivery of maintenance task is unlikely to contribute to improving the overall performance of the business.

Who Should Attend

This course takes delegates through the planning and management phase of both maintenance and project management, based on best practice. The course is especially useful for Engineering and Project managers, engineers, planners, schedulers, supervisors, cost engineers, Safety/Quality engineers and Operations personnel.

Key Learning Objectives

• Improve your company’s approach to planning and scheduling
Provide a framework for effective turnaround execution
Highlight the unique safety requirements of turnarounds
Foster the “one team” approach to turnarounds
Provide a comprehensive knowledge base for turnarounds

• Demonstrate the latest planning techniques for turnarounds
Highlighting the operational checkout and startup requirements
Learn the conditions for acceptance of the plant by plant operations personnel

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