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Event Series Event Series: Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

11th July 2022 - 14th July 2022

Why Choose this Training Course

This is a 4-day training course. We all find ourselves having to present at some point or another. It really does not matter how often or to whom one thing is certain, we could all benefit from support: support that helps us to feel more confident when speaking in public. If we were able acquire some of the core skills that help us to appear a more natural presenter the impact on our audience and how they engage with us is huge.

This highly engaging, experiential based course is one where delegates will develop their skills and personal style through a combination of learning and, essentially, practice of the small things that make a big difference when presenting. A powerful mix of tools, demonstrations and exercises that leaves every delegate, regardless of their fears, feeling empowered as they develop their ability and confidence to deliver increasingly high impact presentations.

Whether you are presenting to the board, to shareholders, employees, your team or the public your presentation and delivery management skills are critical, they will make the difference that leaves you and your presentation being a resounding success.

A blend of delivery styles ensures all learning patterns are catered for and ensures that all attendees gain the maximise advantage not only of the information provided and discussed, but fundamentally the confidence to own it. Core to this journey is the application of the widely acclaimed 70:20:10 model of learning where you will engage in understanding and discussing the aspects covered, interpret these into practical and relevant application and then truly discover and refining these skills through “live” application of practice and peer-to-peer feedback.

Throughout each day delegates will be required to contribute through building, delivering and providing feedback on presentations. The course is highly interactive an engaging and due to it’s structure and delivery ensures that each delegate is given individual focus and is guaranteed to leave the course with increased personal confidence in their abilities of delivering well structured and engaging presentations.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who has had little or no presentation experience but will have to at some point
  • People who are fearful of presenting or public speaking
  • People who have prior experience in delivering presentations and public speaking but know that with further training they could feel more confident and deliver a better presentation
  • Those who are aware that whilst their presentation and presentation management skills are generally good, having the opportunity to enhance these skills will be of great personal and professional benefit

Key Learning Objectives

The emphasis of learning over this course is to provide delegates with confidence in their ability to build, deliver and manage successful presentations. They will:

  • UNDERSTAND and be able to use the essential attributes of a successful presentation and be able top to build clear, compelling and motivational presentations
  • DEVELOP their confidence as a presenter
  • ENSURE that your presentation is one that remembered for all of the right reasons
  • BREAK DOWN complex information and material into a structure that is not only easy for you to manage when under the pressure of delivering, but to do so in such a way that your audience understand and connect with your key messages
  • BRING INSPIRATION in your delivery so that it serves to create a “will do” approach amongst your audience as a consequence
  • CREATE PRESENTATION that from the very beginning grab the attention of your audience, go on to develop their engagement through the use of structure that builds a story, highlights key points an finishes with a clear call to action that lasts and has impact
  • Be able to UNDERSTAND, manage and bond with different audience dynamics
  • Be able to CONFIDENTLY MANAGE difficult audiences
  • UNDERSTAND the impact your physiology and tonality have in building your personal presence and use this to project self assurance and excite others to action
  • TO UNDERSTAND and capitalise on your strengths
  • TO UNDERSTAND and mitigate against your weaknesses
  • TO PRACTICE every element. Receive instant feedback and develop your personal style in delivering presentations with high impact

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