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Prioritizing Data and Information Management for Operations

3rd October 2016


In the oil and gas industry, organizations must apply new technologies and processes that will capture and transform raw data into actionable insight to improve asset value and yield while enhancing safety, reducing risk, and protecting the environment. One of the challenges the industry faces is “data democratization,” or making validated data available to decision-makers across several departments, functions or disciplines in a way that supports meaningful business decisions. Often, data is in silos or closed systems, and not easily accessible. This course gives participants hands-on techniques for breaking down those barriers and making data available to decision makers.

In today’s “lower for longer” oil price environment, mission critical data is as likely to come from operational production, facilities engineering or drilling logistics groups as it had previously from geology, geophysics and reservoir engineering. This course draws case studies and examples from all the information on how hydrocarbons flow from the reservoir, through the well and production facilities, to the sales point. Better data analysis can help oil and gas companies boost production and improved use of data results in better up-time.


Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for professionals whose role is linked to operational data management and include job titles such as:

  • Data managers
  • Data analysis
  • Data technicians
  • Document Managers
  • Facilities data managers and technicians
  • Engineering records managers
  • End users of operational, facilities and engineering data
  • Asset team data managers
  • Industry content providers
  • Technical assistants working with operational data
  • Data Architects
  • Technical librarians for asset teams
  • Surface data content managers
  • Operational information managers

Key Learning Points Include:

Manage data as an asset with standard procedures
Learn how an organization analyses and oversees maintenance of operational data information stores and solutions
Examine how organizations apply quality management methods to assess, improve and assure fitness for business use in operational data in     accordance with industry and organizational business rules
Communicate operational aspects and value in a clear and timely manner to align with business strategy
Apply policies, practices, and procedures used in operational master data management and compliance
Execute policies and processes for operational data security management
Use coordinates and mapping to accurately represent the position of operational assets


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