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Professional Forecaster Masterclass

4th July 2022 - 7th July 2022

Why Choose this Training Course

This is a 4-day training course. In a modern, lean supply chain, accurate forecasts are critical to achieving supply chain success. Today, with disruption and uncertainty there is greater realization for the value and need for competency in managing demand. Understanding of the forecasting process and requirements for an accurate forecast are a necessity for any executive involved in the demand forecasting process.

To achieve accurate demand planning and forecasting, demand planners are required to combine the forecasting science with effective judgment on both internal and external factors. This is not an easy task.

This course will highlight in detail the principles of demand management, forecasting, and the relationship between forecasting and planning.

The course demonstrates how effective forecasting management contributes to sales revenue growth and also describes in detail the models and techniques that can be followed to ensure an accurate forecast and a sustainable outcome

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for Directors, Managers and Analysts responsible for:

Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Forecasting / Planning, Demand Planning/Demand Management & Operations, Inventory & Demand Planning, New Product Forecasting, Materials Management, Allocation and Planning, Load Forecasting, Strategic Planning, Production Planning, Product Life-Cycle, Merchandizing, Retail Collaboration.

Key Learning Objectives

After attending this valuable training, participants should be able to:

  • Develop and refine methods and processes to link forecasting to the growth of revenue
  • Leverage on the value of internal and external collaboration that leads to more accurate forecasts • Enhance your knowledge of statistical concepts that are fully applicable to all forecasting software packages and systems
  • Learn ways to incorporate the market intelligence into statistical forecasting
  • Analyze patterns in data and gain understanding of data cleansing methodologies that lead to better statistical base line forecasts
  • Interpret level, trend and seasonality changes to develop more accurate forecasts
  • Acquire knowledge of how-to setup the Exception Driven forecasting process that improves the utilization of your resources
  • Learn from practical examples – Explore the Best & Worst Practices in Forecasting
  • Recognize the connection between sales and operational planning and demand planning.
  • Understand the ways collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment work and evolve

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