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Project Scheduling & Schedule Risk Analysis

17th October 2016


What is Critical Path Method? Critical Path Method (CPM) is a algorithm developed to schedule a set of of project activities. It has been very valueable especially for the project management professionals for project planning, managing timelines and completion of it with minimal overrun.

Yet, there are many companies who are still facing so much problems and issues because it has been a challenging tasks for accepting & adapting to new concepts. Besides, sometimes they wonder will they complete the projects in time with minimum risks.

This workshop will share the insight of using the CPM and Risk Analysis to identify the issues or problems to carefully plan the projects and complete the projects according to timelines.

Project schedules may overrun sometimes, it can’t be avoided because there are so much of potential risk may arise. In this workshop, delegates are able to identify the risks and mitigate them to prevent any overrun which may exceed the budget set for the project. Further more, delegates will learn toolset and methodology which will provide them high impact of skills and techniques to immediately allow them to manage the projects effectively.


Who Should Attend

  • Project Planning / Planner
  • Project Scheduling / Scheduler
  • Cost Control
  • Project Management
  • Risk Analyst

Benefits of Attending

  • Understanding the Critical Path Method (CPM) from intermediate to an advanced level
  • Identifying and mitigate the risk and issues in scheduling
  • Analysing the projects for errors based on real situation and giving the best solution to each errors
  • Implementation of Schedule Risk Analysis into projects timeline
  • Assisting project management professional to become situationally aware to prevent any issues or problems
  • Communication skills with project teams to improve efficiency of project
  • Gaining insights from real situation case studies


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