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5 Benefits of being a Certified International Project Manager

Certified International Project Manager

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Certified International Project Manager

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Project Management is becoming more and more complex due to rise in globalisation. Even the most experienced managers find it difficult to understand the great diversity of the cultures around the world. In today’s global business world, organisations are looking for a project managers who have a good understanding of the international environment and recognise the implications on project risks, project timeline, project costs, company shareholder etc. Project management certifications are in demand by companies and recruiters alike. Hence, getting certification can prove to a huge asset to them and will add credibility to their role. Furthermore, there is an increasing need to manage projects on a global scale. Here are the 5 benefits of being a certified International Project Manager:

  • Stand out from the Crowd
  • Credibility
  • Higher Demand
  • Gain Knowledge
  • Earn More

Stand out from the Crowd
A survey done by Hays on over 2,000 people found 77% of employers are more likely to shortlist a candidate who has are certified and regularly upgrade their skillset. Thus, attending a course that allows you to gain certification gives an upper hand over the next candidate.

Being certified by a globally recognised body such as the American Academy of Project Management offers credibility to your resume and indicates to future employers that you have an in depth understanding of project management. Managing projects on a global level comes with it fair share of problems as well. Running into issues related to technology, infrastructure, human resource and environmental factors is very common. Therefore, having the knowledge to manage these international projects and being certified increases your credibility and relevancy.

Higher Demand
International project managers possess the skills to seamlessly integrate into different cultures – they understand their values, beliefs and normative behaviour, who can harness the expertise and abilities of team members, who motivates, empathizes and understands local conditions and is able to forge mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with relevant stakeholders. Global organisations are looking maximise business opportunities internationally and certified professionals are the right person for the job.

Gain Knowledge
Certification programs provide the candidates with modules and practises are standardised as per the latest information in the field of project management. This allows the individuals to be able to apply them to their personal projects as well or value add to their organisation.  With the increased body of knowledge and the set of tools acquired, these candidates are able to improve the efficiency and productivity in all their projects.

Earn More
More experience will undoubtedly increase the pay of the manager, but certification that is internationally recognised pays even higher. Certified project managers earn more than those who are not certified. Surveys show that certified project managers are able to command a higher pay and increased compensation of at least 20% more.

In the competitive and complex market, project management certifications hold a vital role in ensuring you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of getting hired. These were some on the main benefits of being certified. Along with the certification, 97% of organisations believe that having the right skills such as cost & risk management, adaptability, communication, negotiation to name a few, are also important to ensure the global success of the managers.

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International Project Manager is a 3-day AAPM-accredited training course held from 29 June – 1 July 2020 (Kuala Lumpur), designed for delegates to gain an essential understanding of international business and the role of international projects and their management. The course will cover key issues of international finances, international contracts, project risk management and more.

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