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Advanced Effective Cathodic Protection

26th September 2016


Corrosion consumes important assets, creating loss of dependability, reliability and increased operating costs.The whole science of corrosion, specifically cathodic protection is seen as a complicated procedure whereas in fact the principles involved follow well defined laws.

This 3-day Advanced Course will provide comprehensive training on Cathodic Protection, covering areas such as the theoretical background of corrosion and CP, potential and current CP surveys, CP measurements and its applications in different environments/industries, CP interference and stray current, design factors and selection process, monitoring and maintenance as well as including the related equipment, illustrations and case studies in all of these areas. Additionally, the training is flecible and will address the delegates’ different CP needs to allow for the best hands-on, practical training.

At the end of the Advanced Cathodic Protection workshop, delegates will be equipped with the skills to enhance the corrosion management of their organizations valuable infrastructure and assets; reducing costs, increasing efficiency and mitigating future corrosion problems.


Who Should Attend

This course is targeted at engineers from both onshore and offshore infrastructure including pipelines, tank, well casings, offshore structures and onshore facilities.

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Corrosion
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Asset Integrity
  • Project Team
  • Consultants
  • Risk Management

And those with responsibilities general corrosion management.

Key Learning Objectives

  • MONITOR and MAINTAIN the level of corrosion protection to ensure excellent condition of current infrastructure and to safeguard new structure
  • IDENTIFY weaknesses inherent in any corrosion management system
  • DISCOVER how to ascertain situations where the effectiveness of CP will be limited and how to overcome them
  • REALIZE how to assess effectiveness of CP systems already in place and IMPROVE current systems with proven measures
  • UNDERSTAND how to design CP Systems that effectively matches protection requirements, are cost-efficient and maximizes ROI
  • EVALUATE different CP systems, and be able to select the best product
  • ENSURE smooth operation of your CP systems in the long run
  • OPTIMISE the efficiency of corrosion management
  • RECOGNISE the dangers and costs of improper CP to infrastructure
  • REVIEW International Standards and developments in Standardization
  • BENCHMARK against Best Practices and examples for further improvements
  • BENEFIT from a range of workshop exercises, group discussions and case studies


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