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Biomarkers and Isotopes Use in Geochemistry

25th November 2020 - 27th November 2020


Attendees would be able to understand the definition and types of petroleum fluids as well as the various bio markers to take note of and the reasons for using biomarkers. They will also be able to understand the correlation of petroleum to source rocks which is the best way to find out which source rock our petroleum came from. There will be detailed explanations on the formation of petroleum fluids as well as the definitions for combustion and energy.

The participants will learn about basic geochemistry and basin modelling along with the prediction of different petroleum fluid types and geochemical interpretation as well as understanding the steps to build a basin model. Participants will be knowledgeable in petroleum fluids inside the earth and learn about the pressure caused by petroleum fluids in the well site. They will understand how to use geochemical data in exploration and production. The will be able to perform analysis on the formation pressure and thus understand about the problems of over pressure as well as how to predict it. There will also be a section about the pitfalls in petroleum exploration and fuel analysis to provide attendees with a holistic education with regards to source rocks.

Who Should Attend

• Exploration geologist

• Geochemist

• Geophysics professionals such as geophysics researchers

• All geoscientist involved in Exploration and production

*some knowledge of Geology is needed.

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