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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project Risks and How to Manage Them

15th November 2021 - 19th November 2021

About this Training Course

Governments, regulators, and commercial parties are increasingly pursuing CO2 storage opportunities as it becomes increasingly clear that CCS is an important contribution to meet the Paris Agreement targets on Climate Change. For a successful CCS project, various technical, operational, economical and environmental risks and associated stakeholders need to be managed.

The objective of this training is to create awareness of potential risks and offer a structured approach to assess potential storage sites in terms of their CO2 storage capacity, injectivity, containment and monitoring. The training features relevant physical-chemical phenomena (incl. CO2 phase behaviour), including plume migration, well and seal integrity, geomechanical aspects, as well as practical exercises.

Who Should Attend

All surface and subsurface engineers, such as
– Facility engineers
– Geologists, geophysicists
– Reservoir engineers
– Petro-physicists
– Production technologists/engineers
– Engineers and geomechanical
– (Sub)surface team leads
– Project managers
– Business opportunity managers
– Decision executives
– Technical risk assessment
– Assurance specialists
Note: for each class it is highly recommended that a mix of disciplines mentioned above are represented to facilitate
discussions from different perspectives.

Key Learning Objectives

  • INTRODUCE different international organisations and their role in CCS deployment
  • GAIN insight into legislative requirements and relevant guidelines when developing a CCS project
  • UNDERSTAND the approach to risk identification, assessment and mitigation for CCS projects
  • INTRODUCE an approach to assess storage capacity of a reservoir
  • UNDERSTAND how to assess the integrity of existing and new wells
  • ACQUIRE knowledge of the data & methods used to assess potential containment risks
  • GAIN experience in developing a decision-based roadmap for CO2 storage projects

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