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Combating Procurement Fraud (Singapore)

28th September 2015


Procurement fraud can occur at every stage of the contracting process. Organizations need to be aware of the vulnerabilities and risks associated with bribery and corruption. Regardless of the size of the organization, purchasing activities will inevitably attract a fraudster’s attention when it reaches a significant level. Coupled with the possible lack of internal control, confidential information may be leaked and fraudsters may make use of the opportunity to their benefit. Attending this course will give delegates the critical knowledge and skills to discover procurement fraud opportunities commonly used to breach and exploit corporate accounts. Understanding how such fraud is committed is crucial to take on countermeasures to strengthen the organization’s internal control. This course enables you to identify vulnerabilities in your organization’s procurement procedures, operations protocols and contract and tender drafting and also provides solutions to those loopholes to mitigate the risks of fraud. Furthermore, the section on procurement fraud detection will provide delegates with essential investigation skills and efficient response plans.

Who Should Attend

• Company directors
• Senior and Middle ranking Public Officials
• Finance Directors
• Finance Staff
• Auditors
• Operational Directors and Managers
• Operational Staff
• Commercial Directors
• Procurement Directors
• Procurement Managers and Staff
• Public Sector Policy Makers

Key Learning Objectives

• ANALYSE the causes and history of past major fraud cases and learn from past experiences
• UNDERSTAND consequences of procurement fraud to prepare for adverse circumstances
• RESPOND promptly to fraud detection and red flags
• MONITOR procurement cycles to review procurement planning
• ESTABLISH clear job responsibilities for procurement management ADMINISTER actions on fraud to redress against fraudulent suppliers, bid rigging and cartels
• REDUCE risk of contract fraud by advocating appropriate tendering process and evaluation
• STRENGTHEN internal controls to protect company resources by conducting effective procurement fraud checks regularly