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Intelligent Fields

7th December 2015


There is a greater uptake of intelligent fields in the oil and gas industry as there is a sustainable belief in the ability of technology to deliver on its promises in an ever-challenging environment. The barrier to adoption is reduced as there has been many advances in improvements to system reliability and economics. This course will present to you typical technologies in intelligent fields and explore the most successful and efficient solutions to achieve production optimisation. All intelligent fields are unique, hence the strategy is to tailor the level of intelligence of the well to your particular objectives such as well production optimisation, reservoir performance optimisation or cost reduction. Knowledge for improvements in intelligent processes and workflows are also covered in this training.

Key Learning Points Include:

  • Understand how intelligent field puzzle pieces fit together
  • Create a framework that is fit for purpose for your unique well
  • Plan & implement intelligent completion for sustainable field development
  • Improve forecasting with automated history-matching simulation tools
  • Access new leadership demands and skills requirements
  • Explore the demand in real time data management
  • Learn the recent development and gain knowledge from case studies

Email to with the subject “Intelligent Fields” for the full agenda.

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