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Marine Insurance Masterclass

1st December 2015


This workshop will discuss all aspects of marine insurance, starting with where it is available and what markets underwrite marine insurance. The seminar will discuss what makes marine insurance unique, different from land-side insurance. The various specialized types of marine insurance will be discussed in detail, including hull, P&I, cargo, charterer’s liability, and pollution, among others. Case studies will be provided for many of these types of insurance, which will explore the limits of each type of coverage and its role in an integrated risk management program. Problems commonly encountered by policyholders and insurers with regard to marine insurance will be explored. These include contract interpretation, dispute resolution, arbitration clauses, choice of law and choice of forum provisions, among others. The unique risks presented by shipping and other marine activities will be explored, along with the insurance products available to cover those risks. The energy side of marine risks will also be covered including the special environmental pollution risks faced by oil and gas energy companies engaged in exploration and production. Finally, insurance aspects of recent major marine disasters will be discussed, along with the lessons to be learned from them.

Benefits of Attending

  • IDENTIFY types of marine insurance
  • MASTER underwriting and markets
  • UNDERSTAND effective use of brokers
  • GAIN practical insights to solving contract issues
  • LEARN how to resolve the intricate areas of possible disputes
  • AVOID expensive litigation and downtime in operations due to uncertainties in contractual terms
  • ANALYSE recent marine disasters’ effect on marine insurance

Who Should Attend

  • Insurance claims adjusters
  • Underwriters
  • Insurance placing brokers
  • Claims Brokers
  • Marine surveyors
  • Risk Managers
  • Shipping Department Supervisors
  • Claims Managers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Customs Brokers
  • Maritime attorneys
  • Average Adjusters

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