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From Compliance to Culture: A Safety-Leadership Masterclass

4th April 2016


This two-day workshop is targeted at those responsible for leading a safety culture in their organization, including operations/production leadership (team leaders, supervisors, managers, directors, VPs, business-unit presidents), EH&S professionals, and safety-committee members.

It is also recommended that key leadership from the corporate side attend (particularly HR, Engineering, and Commercial/Marketing) so that they can understand and begin spreading the same safety culture throughout the entire organization.

This workshop is a roll-up-your-sleeves, get-out-of-your-seat, skills-building experience that develops real-world competencies for leading a safety culture in the work environment. The workshop changes the way we think about safety and the way we behave in safety situations. It imparts a common language and vision around leading safety as a culture, develops leadership presence, builds communication and coaching skills, and equips participants with the tools necessary to take their safety culture to the next level.

Key learning points include :

  • Drive your overall business in the right direction, starting with safety
  • Apply skills and tools to be good leaders spearheading health and safety
  • Execute real-world skills building for practical work scenarios
  • Execute key principles that will get employees more engaged in building a strong safety culture
  • Establish performance outcomes and develop competency developments
  • Learn development needs and appropriate programs for leadership-level succession planning


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Email to with the subject “From Compliance to Culture” for the full agenda.

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