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Legal Aspects of Contracting and Tendering

8th November 2021 - 10th November 2021

About this Training Course

Contracting and tendering is the lifeblood of many industries. Companies that enhance their tendering and contract management will attract better contractors who will the driving force for improved project delivery. It is good practice to set high benchmarks for tendering and contract management to avoid future problems and expensive mistakes. Tender management deals with the process of writing tender proposals at a competitive price and seeking to win the bid.

Tendering involves the analysing of the requirements on the Invitation to Bid (ITB) and identifying the areas of risk and then working out a proposal that minimizes the risks and liabilities. At the same time, submitting a competitive bid that will win the award of the contract is paramount to success. A tenderer must deliver the required goods, services or works in accordance with the specifications, scope of work and within the terms and conditions of the contract.

Once the tender is awarded, the contract management phase takes over and the contractor must ensure successful contract delivery and provide the best value for money for the client. This course will provide participants with the essential knowledge and skillsets to help them achieve these goals.

Who Should Attend

• Tender Managers
• Legal Counsel
• Commercial Managers
• Accountants
• Procurement Managers
• Project Personnel
• Project Engineers
• Project Managers

Key Learning Points

How to better manage project risks with better tendering and contracting process
What is required in a successful tender package
Strategize to minimize financial risk and contract costs.
How to successfully manage contract performance risks
• The
difference between cost and price analysis
Set tender evaluation criteria
How to evaluate a proposal
Negotiating appropriate commercial and legal contract terms and conditions

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