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Pricing and Price Review in Gas and LNG Sales Contracts

July 3 - July 5

LNG price review training

Why Choose this Training Course

Price review issues are becoming almost mandatory in contractual arrangements in international gas and LNG sales contracts. This LNG price review training course held in Singapore and Malaysia affords you the crucial understanding of essential issues you must take note of when negotiating such contracts so as to achieve the best possible deal.

This intensive LNG price review training course offers a unique opportunity to gain an advanced appreciation of pricing and Price Review issues in International Gas and LNG Sales Contracts. In these contractual arrangements, Price Review provisions have now become almost mandatory and are becoming increasingly difficult and complex. This course will also address how disputes in implementing Price Reviews in this area can be resolved.

The LNG price review training course is designed for Gas & LNG industry professionals worldwide, including but not limited to: those working in gas producers, buyers and sellers, and those advising investors contemplating development projects in the Gas & LNG sectors of the energy industry. All of whom need to thoroughly understand and master the detail of International Gas and LNG Sales Contracts and in particular the Price Review that has now become a regular feature of these sales arrangements. In many regards, the Price Review is now key to the future price that the Parties will see in Gas and LNG sales contracts.

Besides that, attendees to this workshop will immensely benefit from the extensive knowledge of one of the leading Commercial Experts in this field who is currently heavily engaged in resolution of disputes in this area.

There are 2 dates with different venues for this course:

  • 13 – 15 Sept 2023 in Kuala Lumpur
  • 18 – 20 Sept 2023 in Singapore

Key Learning Objectives

  • Grasp current market trends that effect the pricing fundamentals of Gas & LNG
  • Analyse price terms in pipeline gas contracts and LNG contracts
  • Master international arbitration and settlement of price review disputes and resolutions
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of contractual issues as well as the risks involved and how to mitigate such risks
  • Explore how the price review can protect the buyer’s margin
  • Master persuasion science and negotiation skills that gain you the upper hand

Who Should Attend

Anyone working in Gas & LNG sales, purchase and contract negotiations will benefit from gaining a more indepth understanding of advanced principles of gas contracts. Oil and gas professionals working in the are of upstream and transportation agreements, contract management and dispute resolution, markets, networks and pricing will find it beneficial to attend. Job titles include:

  • Gas / LNG contract negotiators
  • Contract specialists / Managers
  • Gas / LNG buyers, sellers, distibutors and traders
  • Petroleum Economists
  • Commercial Managers /  Executives
  • Strategy Managers / Executives
  • Risk Managers
  • Senior Government Officials and Regulators

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